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Dilemma of the month: I want to get great holiday gifts for all my friends but can't afford it. Should I just give each of them something small?

I wish I could include everyone, but I just don't have the budget for it. Maybe I should cross some girls off my list. Ugh.

Take a group picture, then frame a copy for all your pals. If you can't afford that, you can give your BFF something special but make cards for everyone else. After all, it's the thought that's most important.

--KaiLi, 10

Making gifts is great when you have a long list of friends, plus it's more personal. You can make soaps, lip balm, scented lotions--all things girls love. Add personalized labels, and tie with a ribbon. They will look great!

--Sophie, 13

Get nice gifts for only your closest friends. If someone gives you a gift but you didn't get one for her, send a thank-you card to show your appreciation for the gift.

--Corinne, 11
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You could bake cookies for all your friends and wrap them up in a special way. This way, you won't have to leave anyone out. Make a big list, and get creative!

--Hannah, 13

Ask your friends if they want to be Secret Santas, so you'll only have to buy a present for one friend. To save money, get your friend a bunch of little fun things from the dollar store, then put them in a cute hag.

--Amanda, 14

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