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Gift-Getting Tips

1) Don’t volunteer the game rating. If asked, always answer with “I think it’s Teen.” The good part is that most of the best games actually are rated Teen or Everyone.

2) If you really must have GTA: Vice City, but anticipate trouble, try this: Make stickers that say “Censored Version” and plop them on the display copies at your local game store. Then mention the game is on sale at that store. You get the game!

3) Want to guarantee that you’ll get the game you want? Begin begging for a big-money item like a new game system. Once you have your gift-givers convinced that they’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars to make you happy, hit them with the, “You know, if I can’t get [expensive item], then I guess I’d be happy with [game you really want].” Bam! They’ll be so glad that they don’t have to spend so much money, they’ll get you the desired game without a second thought.

4) No matter where the game was purchased, it can always be returned. Policies vary, but most stores will take a game as a return in exchange for credit toward other store items. Then you can REALLY get what you want.

5) Get your dad, uncle, older brother or similar male loved one to buy your games. And remember to promise “not to mention this to your mother” or similar female loved one.

6) While it’s not the real thing, a gift certificate is a good alternative to getting the actual game. All major game retailers offer gift certificates.

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