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Amazing Golf Gift IdeasĀ 

If you have a special someone in your life with a passion for playing a full 18 holes, you have a world of possibilities when the holidays, birthdays or other special events roll around. No, you don't have to settle for a package of golf balls either, there are many other ways to go to find just the right gift idea.

If you're working on a budget that's big, great gift ideas can be very elaborate. Consider giving the golfer in your life a weekend getaway to a famous course, complete with a few rounds of golf, dinners and more. The United States is loaded with PGA-rated courses in fantastic vacation getaways, so the trip could be for the both of you. European destinations are great ideas, too, if your budget is particularly large. European trips will help take the golfer back to the sport's roots and enable him or her to fully immerse in the cultures that created the game.

For those working on a budget that's a little more modest, the ideas for great gifts for golfers still are many. Here are a few possibilities, keep in mind prices will of course vary:

* A round of golf and lunch at your golfer's favorite course. This ranks about 100 times higher on the good gift idea list than just a box of balls and it's more reasonable than a weekend getaway to Europe on a more budgeted wallet.

* Golf lessons from a pro. If you have a golf course around you with a pro that gives lessons this is a fantastic idea for the golfer who's trying to perfect their swing. Check with area clubs and see what kind of possibilities exist. Some clubs will offer lessons even for those who don't have memberships, so if one club won't, keep trying.

* Create a new golf wardrobe. Update your loved one's golfing apparel. Hit a good pro shop and look for comfortable items that will make him or her look snappy while working on their game.

* Golf gift basket. This one's perhaps one of the easiest ideas on the purse. A gift basket can include anything you'd like, golf related or not. If you can't find exactly what you want in a pro shop, buy a basket and make your own. Items that might be included in this golf gift include tees, sun block, a visor cap, shoes, towels, clothing items and the standard set of balls. Other items, too, can be thrown in for fun. Use your imagination and chock it full of great "little" gifts.

* Gift certificates. If all else fails and you can't decide what your golfer might like, get him or her a gift card to their favorite pro shop. The beauty of this gift is it only has to cost what you can afford and there's no worries about the wrong item being purchased.

For those with golfers in their life, the best gifts are clearly those that can be used in the pursuit of their favorite sport. For many, golf is more than a game, it's a passion. Show your golfer you care by helping support their hobby.

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