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Online DVD Rental Compared With Renting From Offline Stores

Online DVD rental has really exploded in the last few years, and that's great news for movie fans. In my opinion, if you are still getting your DVD's from your local DVD rental store, you really are missing out. So what makes online DVD rental so special? 1. It's Cheaper ? Renting a DVD offline is more expensive because you have to pay every time you rent a DVD.

Whereas with online renting, you just pay one low fee and you can rent as many DVD's as you like. I normally cover the cost of my monthly rental fee within the first week, and then the rest of the month is basically free. Also, if I go on holiday I can easily suspend my rental for a short period, so I'm not paying rental fees when I'm away. It's all done at the touch of a button in my account area online. 2. The Convenience Factor - To start off with, it's just so much more convenient to rent DVD's online.

You don't have to waste time walking or driving to an offline DVD rental shop. Also, I don't know about you but whenever I go to rent a DVD offline, I can never seem to find the DVD I want. If I do find what I want, or I want an assistant to help me find it, I always seem to have to queue for ages, with some jerk at the front holding everyone up with a stupid enquiry. When you rent DVD's online, it's all done in the comfort of your own home, or even on your office PC.

It couldn't be easier. 3. Much Better Choice ? It doesn't matter how big of a DVD rental store you have locally to you, their range of available titles just doesn't compare to what you can rent online.

Offline stores can't afford to stock every title, because it's just not viable for them. On the flip side, online DVD rental companies are able to stock every single DVD available, so the choice of titles is so much better. 4.

Independent Reviews From Other DVD Fans ? When you are choosing a DVD to rent, all you normally have to go on is the front and back cover to help you decide. If you don't recognize the title or any of the actors, it's hard to know whether the film is going to be any good or to your taste. When you rent a DVD online you can also read the independent ratings, and review comments from other renters like you. Personally I've found this feature really helpful, and it's helped me to spot some real gems that I would have otherwise overlooked. 5.

View A Video Trailer Before You Rent ? The great thing about renting online is that it provides you with more options. For most of the recent movies you have the option of watching the video trailer on your computer, before you rent. This is very cool, and a great way to find out if a movie looks like your kind of thing.

6. Reserve Hot New Titles Before They Are Released On DVD ? If you missed a movie at the cinema?worry not. You can reserve new 'pre-release' titles before they come out, so that you're near the front of the rental queue when they come out.

In most cases online DVD rental websites provide a whole separate section, with info on new titles coming soon. You can even reserve a movie while it's still at the cinema. What more could you ask for? 7.

Rent Those Older And Harder To Find DVD's ? If like me you like watching some of the older movies and TV shows, it can be very frustrating when your local store doesn't keep them in stock. Ask them if they can get hold one for you, and they just stare at you like your some kind of idiot, causing them a load of undue hassle. When you rent online you can get hold any DVD that is available. In most cases they already stock everything, but if you are after a title they haven't currently got and it is available on DVD, they will do everything they can to get it for you a.s.

a.p. Oh, and at no extra charge! 8. So Much Easier To Find The DVD You Want ? What I particularly like about renting online is the ability to search and browse through the DVD database. Sure most offline DVD stores have stuff sectioned off into categories, but it doesn't compare to online.

I'm sure you've been there?you can remember what the film was about, or maybe who was in it, but you can't remember the title?that's when renting online comes into it's own. One click of you mouse, and you can find every DVD within a category/genre, or that has a particular actor in it, or search by director, year released or even description. Trust me, once you start renting DVD's online, you'll never want to go back to the old way!.

Ben Adams is a big movie fan and a regular renter of DVD's online. To help you choose the right rental service for you, check out Ben's independent review and rating of the leading online DVD rental websites at: Online DVD Rental Compared

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