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The Danger of Sexual Predators and Teenager Chat Rooms

Teenagers are on the computer all day and are talking with friends through MySpace and Facebook. There is nothing wrong with this, but when teens begin to talk in chat rooms and on social networking sites that they do not know, they are setting themselves up for trouble. This article should help you understand some of the safety issues with teenage chat rooms. The internet has become a great place for teens to go to have social connections with people.

These connections can range from being friends to romantic or sexual connections. These are natural steps for teenagers to be going through and there is no problem with that. Teenagers use chat rooms to express themselves because of the anonymity in them, they can essential be whoever they want. This seems cool to teens but what they are not thinking about is sexual predators are also on the internet and they also enjoy the anonymity that is provided to them. These predators are going to the internet, and especially in teenage chat rooms, to find potential teens that will engage in sex, whether it is online or in person depends on the predator. The major dangers to teens online are internet sexual predators.

Sexual predators rarely go to playgrounds and hot spots for teenagers, but rather, they go to the internet. These individuals are going online looking to have a sexual encounter over the internet or, in some cases, a physical one. The most common way that they use to do this is to pose as a teenager and form a relationship with you. These predators are smart, and most know that teens will not set up a date after talking with them for a week. Most predators will spend weeks to months getting to know the teen before they ask for a meeting. The teen feels that they know the person and have connected with them and feels like the predator like them, which is not the case.

The majority of meetings that occur between a predator and a teen involve rape, disappearances, and even death. Now, as a parent, what can you do to protect your child from this? When any inappropriate messaging has been said to them you need to talk to your teen and tell them to talk to you. The majorities of teenager chat rooms do not allow threatening or sexual messages, or offensive and obscene language, and will remove the perpetrator when they have been reported, but some do not. It is even more important that you inform your teen about what happens when they seek to meet a person from the internet in person. Most teens think that stuff like this never happens and that if it does it will never happen to them. You just need to inform them about the truth and continue to tell them it everyday.

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