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The History Of Television The New Media That Changed Our Lives

Television was invented in 1926 by John Logie Baird. It inventor may never have expected that television would reach such great heights and provide 24 hours entertainment one day. The television is a device of audio-visual communication. It makes it possible for us to both hear and see things happenings on the other side of the globe, while sitting in our homes.

TV serials are very popular because a story delights and teaches people of all ages and stages. Benefits We can see and hear news, plays, films, shows, musical programmes and other events taking place anywhere in the world. We can see live matches or shows at the same time when the event is actually taking place. TV is a means of mass communication.

A message can be conveyed to millions of people watching TV. At the same time. Even those who cannot read or write can learn many things through TV. After a hard days work Television provides you with the cheapest means of entertainment.

Television shows enable a common man with a variety of entertainment. Channels like Discovery, National Geographic. Travel and Living and the History channel are very educative and provide useful information. The various sports channel encourage, entertain and create enthusiasm among people of all ages. One learns how necessary it is to work hard in order to win.

It also teaches us to accept defeat gracefully. New channels keep you abrupt with the happenings around the world. But one needs to know how to balance work and entertainment. TV has a deep impact and influence on the lives of the people. It has become more of an addiction than a source of entertainment Ill-effects Today's children are getting an overdose of entertainment.

In today's fast paced and media-driven life, TV plays a major role in shaping and influencing the children and youth of today. Today it is quite common for pre-schoolers to be familiar with the latest shows and their favorite TV actors even before they have stepped out of their home. This can be attributed to the huge amount of time spent spent in front of the television.

However, this habit may affect the physical and mental ability of a person. Children imbibe bad language, bad behavior and wrong values from various TV shows. If children are allowed to be exposed to this media without adult supervision, they may have negative effects on the child. Reality shows Reality TV shows bring you in the open for public ridicule or adulation. What you get depends on how you are on camera. As a genre, it is here to stay because it is a great change from the soaps, since it enables the public to peek into the details and happenings of other people's lives.

Reality shows garner the highest TRP people get a chance to find out what you eat, how you sleep, how you eat etc. When one is under constant supervision the contestant put their best foot forward. Many people become popular by being in the new always, for reasons good or bad, but that does not make them successful. It certainly gives a fillip to a persons sagging career.

The melodrama that goes with such shows, according to some is important for the success of the show. It creates situations since the show already has a set format. Voyeurism Voyeurism in its entertainment avatar is definitely gaining popularity, thanks to television. Gossip also can be labeled as voyeurism after you are discussing other people's life after all. You might not be peeping into someone's bedroom or board room but sure are discussing what happens there and that is voyeurism.

Voyeurism also has its line of control: as long as the interest is restricted to harmless gossip it is considered to be well within the lines of decency. The media also has to exercise restraint. Just because you field of work interest people, it does not mean that you have lost your right to privacy. Everyone cracks under pressure and then it is not a pretty sight.

New channels Transforming news into entertainment is not easy. For many it is fine art. There are so many channels out there, competition is so cut-throat that some channels will do anything for ratings. Many channels try to sensationalize the new. These channels make disparaging comments about peoples personal lives.

They also excel in insinuation and innuendo. Many a time the new channels go overboard and doe not know where to draw the line. For all these sensational stories, television is also transforming lives and tries to bring justice to the needy and the affected people.

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